Arabic Lessons in Marrakesh, Morocco

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Our School Location

Come and join us in "The Red City" for Arabic study and cultural excursions. Marrakesh is the most dynamic and culturally intense city in Morocco and must not be missed. With an exciting mix of modern urban fabric where palaces and monuments of antiquity exists comfortably amongst snake charmers and gnaoua drums beating in Djemaa el Fna Square, Marrakesh is the core of Morocco.

Our Marrakesh location offers both Classical and Moroccan Arabic year-round. Our brand new building provides comfortable classrooms, a computer lab with free internet access as well as the opportunity for interaction with local Moroccans who study English.


Arabic Course Details

Students can choose between Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA). Our program caters to all language levels. The standard program is three hours a day/15 hours per week. For more intensive hours, please contact us. All of our instructors are university degreed in the teaching of MSA and CMA Arabic.

Having trouble deciding between MSA and CMA? Visit our blog  under "Advice for Living and Working in Morocco".

Modern Standard Arabic

Our core curriculum is divided into nine levels. The first six levels' primary components are an intensive study of basic Arabic language grammatical structures, mastery of Arabic script and pronunciation. Throughout this programme emphasis is placed on developing the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading & writing), with added emphasis placed on communication through conversation classes.

The later three levels of our programme introduce students to more advanced aspects of Arabic, like translation, complex grammar structure, reading analysis, in addition to discussion and presentation courses that help students develop and refine their communicative proficiency.

Moroccan Colloquial Arabic  

This Arabic language course introduces the students to Moroccan Colloquial Arabic through activities emphasizing the functional aspect of the dialect. This course covers the basic grammatical structure of the dialect and aims to expand students' vocabulary and develop their oral skills through interaction with native speakers, film discussions, and other interactive activities. This Arabic course can be more immersed in the rich Moroccan culture through proverb studies.

Excursions and Cultural Activities

After spending three hours each morning studying Arabic, you will have plenty of time to explore Marrakesh and beyond. Our program also includes  spending several afternoons per week participating in many cultural activities such as Moroccan cooking lessons, hiking, sightseeing in and around Marrakesh and the beautiful High Atlas Mountains as well as an education of various cultural and historical points about Morocco.



These activities are conducted in both Arabic and English. There may be an additional fee for full days or weekend excursions which would include transport, meals, entrance fees and/or accommodation.





While taking our lessons, you will have the option to stay with a homestay family which is highly recommended or in a private apartment. Living with a host family is the most effective way to fully immerse oneself within the language and culture. All families are screened and interviewed by our staff. There is also the possibility of renting a furnished apartment for a minimum of a month; please contact us directly for rates.

Part of Our Welcome Staff

We offer our lessons year round  starting every Monday. To insure progress, students must register for a minimum of two weeks of lessons. If you would like to take French lessons, the same fees and hours apply.


Arabic Lessons Fee Chart

Inscription fees and materials included

2 Weeks                                                                              240 euros   

3 Weeks                                                                              360 euros

4 Weeks                                                                              480 euros

Each additional week                                                       110 euros

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