ESL Jobs:

Because our centers are located in the Mediterranean, the focus of our job guidance is for employment in France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy Egypt and Turkey. While attending the course, we provide comprehensive lists of English language schools in all of the above countries as well. However, we are fully able to advise on jobs in other parts of the world such as Asia and Central and South America. This is accomplished by providing effective websites and tactics for setting up a new life in a foreign country which is delivered by our international staff.

Following successful completion of our TESOL Certificate program we first and foremost help with full time ESL teaching positions throughout the world. Our international staff is able to advise on this as well as working freelance and starting an independant school.
For those interested in short term work- less than a year, we offer English camp teaching and home-stays exchange programs. Our Post-Certificate programs entail short term stay packages which are mostly volunteering for less than three months . English camps are located throughout Southern France. Home-stays and Language Lessons (depending on chosen country) are available throughout the Mediteranean. These programs are based on a first come, first serve basis so they must be specified on your application form.
During and after the course, we provide the following components:


  • Advice for obtaining appropriate visas and contact information for relevant agencies to assist you.
  • We advise you individually on preparing  a CV/ resume and cover letter
  • There is an open question and answer segment where trainees can get the information they need from our international staff
  • Each trainee receives individual and personalized guidance about setting up in the country of their choice from a staff member.
  • Trainees are informed of what to expect in a job interview
  • Lists of contacts of English language schools are provided for countries in the Mediterranean.
  • References are provided on request
  • We continue to give on going assistance in your job search for a lifetime
  • A graduate-only website which provides further support once you finish the course
Job assistance, which includes all the components mentioned above, is included when you take our TESOL Course at any one of our locations. With our support you'll experience the journey of a lifetime with job success.