Teaching Young Learners



The Language House TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) Certificate Course is a 35 hours, five day course designed for those who would like to teach English to children from 3 to 12 years old. While there is a voracious demand for teaching children English, there are specific skills which require specialized training. As most TEFL courses focus mainly on how to teach adults, newly qualified EFL teachers, who would like to teach children may not necessarily be prepared.

Bear in mind that it's true that on our 4 week TEFL course as well as many others, we offer a half day session on teaching young learners incorporated into the program as well as you can get hired teaching children with a standard 4 week TEFL certificate. Therefore the purpose of this training is to reinforce lesson preparation for specifically teaching children as well as offering a wide range of ideas for getting started once hired.

This intensive one week course is designed to develop practical classroom skills and will enable candidates to transfer and apply their awareness of language and knowledge from an adult to a young learner context. It aims to provide already qualified EFL teachers with an opportunity to explore new ideas and discover current issues in English language teaching to young learners and also aims to provide skills, confidence and ability to teach English to children effectively.

Our Teaching English to Young Learners certificate course is intensive and is made up of eight modules held over the course of 5 days, Monday thru Friday. In addition to input sessions there will also be teacher practice included for implementing planned lessons, games, story telling and activities allowing teachers to build and expand on a ready- to-go resource file for teaching children English.

Components included are:

Childhood Development

Immersion Education and ESL Literacy

Classroom Set-up and Classroom Resources

Lesson Planning

Teacher practice with Young Learners

Classroom Management

Language through Storytelling, Music, Science and Art

Language Assesment


To be eligible for this program, you must:

Have a 4 week onsite TEFL or CELTA Certificate. Online courses are not accepted

Be a native or near native English speaker

Have some general English teaching experience


Our Teaching Young Learners Certificate course is offered only at our Montpellier and Nice locations. The course cost 490 euros. 15% discount for The Language House graduates. To enroll, go to Apply and mention "Teaching Young Learners"