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"A very intense but incredible experience. Challenging and yet hugely interesting. A must for anyone who wants to teach English." Ed Cade, Montpellier, France TEFL

There's Laury- first on the right

"It was great to be put in the shoes of the learner as well as being a teacher.Getting the experience in a real classroom was invaluable as we had to adapt to the students and their needs as well as we taught as 'real' teachers. This course was very good and was exactly what I needed." Laury Lacombe, Montpellier, France TEFL


"I've learned how to be a professional language teacher. I've learned a lot about grammar and language acquisition. I found the Business English segment very helpful and interesting. Overall, it was a great experience." Tom Fogg, Montpellier, France TEFL 


"I've learned how to teach and what to look out for when helping my students such as their motivation, needs and learning styles. I feel that I am more confident and that I have a solid base to move forward. Gyl and Judith were brilliant!" Natalie Hutton, Montpellier, France TEFL


Rosie, Janice & Michelle

" I've learned how to approach the idea of putting a program together using all the elements; grammar, phonology and communicative tasks. I've learned how to be an English teacher."

Janice Newport, Nice France TEFL


" A thought provoking, well-organized course"

Rosie Young, Nice France TEFL


"The course in Cannes is a wonderful experience conducted in a modern, well-equipt environment by admirably experienced teachers with all the facilities of a vibrant French town right on the doorstep- and only 2 minutes walk from the sea! I would recommend this course and this venue to anyone wishing to enjoy studying for a recognized, accredited TEFL qualification." 

Alex Russel, Cannes France TEFL

Here is Paul teaching. 

"I must say how impressed I was with Marijke, our trainer. I have been on a lot of training courses and I found that her professionalism, demeanor and application were outstanding."

Paul Meseg, Cannes France TEFL


Alden, Aaron and Michele on the Group Trip

"I found the course to be extremely comprehensive and well organized. It allowed us to put what we've learned into practice."

Aaron Autrand Montpellier France TEFL

"I enjoyed being thrown into teacher practice from the start and it provided a solid foundation for becoming a teacher."

Alden Landis Montpellier France TEFL

"A very dynamic course which was mostly due to our trainer. There is an excellent balance between theory and practice."

Gillian Cooper Montpellier France TEFL


"I've learned a massive amount of information. Its been a brillant experience and I appreciated the practical component which allowed me to actually teach instead of just talking about teaching." 

-Jake Hills Montpellier France TEFL


"Even though I have teaching experience, I learned a lot about grammar, time management and teaching techniques. Its was, overall, a great learning environment."

-Emily Low, Montpellier France TEFL

Emily, Cari & Peter about to teach

"The whole experience was an entire transformation for me. It was a very well- rounded program." - Karen Anson Nice France TEFL


"I've learned that I enjoy teaching. It was a great program and I recommend it."

- Leila Gorring, Montpellier France TEFL

Leila & Cari at the farewell dinner

"The course touched on points I can use during my teaching career as well as it provided a good base of knowledge. I'm very happy I did it."

-Anne Marie Robertson, Nice France TEFL


"I felt I learned a great deal and feel much more confident about teaching having done the course. There is so much more to teaching than I realized. The teaching practice was helpful as it gave insight to professional teaching. Finally, thank you for giving me the opportunity to study at The Language House. I had a fabulous experience."

-Matt Lesespanol, Montpellier, France TEFL


"It was overall a great experience. As an experienced teacher, I enjoyed learning the grammar as well as new approaches to teaching."

Mauricio Escobar, Nice, France TEFL

Karen, Mauricio and Lara"I enjoyed the entire course. It was much more than I ever expected to learn. I enjoyed the group, the teacher practice and the encouragement. It encompassed every area needed to teach English abroad"

Karen Burville, Nice, France TEFL


"It was such a vast amount of information. I've gained a deeper understanding of how to teach English as well as the psychology of teaching. It was a wonderful experience and Im so glad I took the course." 

Lara Singery, Nice, France TEFL


"Thank you for a great TEFL Course in Montpellier. It was well structured, good fun and very interesting. Paul is a fantastic teacher. I thouroughly enjoyed working at the Lycee and Wall Street. In fact, having the Wall Street experience allowed me to get the job I have now."

Vicki Peters, Montpellier, France TEFL Course.


"This course fullfilled my expectations and I would strongly recommend it. Gyl and her team do a great job of showing how to teach through demonstration and teacher practice".

Dave Gray, Genoa, Italy TEFL Course.


"The practical experience gained was intense but invaluable. I appreciated the constructive feedback and the course material which we take away will be a very helpful reference guide."

Brian Lowery, Marrakesh Morocco TEFL Course.


"I learned so much about teaching but I also learned a lot about myself. Gyl not only gave us the tools to teach but helped me develop the confidence as well.The Jobs website we have access to is a great asset towards finding a job."

Melissa Denaro, Montpellier, France TEFL Course.


"I completely enjoyed this challenging and intense course. The practical experience alone was, without a doubt, the best part because we were able to work in real teaching situations."

 Mike Reagan, Marrakesh, Morocco TEFL Course.


"What a great value for the price! I highly recommend this program. I enjoyed the trainers, the structure of the course and most of all, the varied teacher practice. I feel confident and prepared to start teaching."

Megan Simms, Genoa, Italy TEFL Course


"The Language House provided us with solid preparation for how to teach English as well as great support for securing an ESL job. Ive been working in Marrakesh since I finished the course and I still use the course materials as a reference. I was very happy with the quality of the course." 

Peter James, Montpellier, France TEFL Course